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Website design

Our website design services include:

- Website look and feel design

- HTML Website development

- Flash website design

- Flash animation

- Search Engine Optimisation

- E-marketing campaigns

- Google Adwords campaigns

- Online advertising design

- Domain name registration

- Hosting

At Lick Graphics we believe in creating websites that are enjoyable and functional for your customers to use. We design websites with a unique style that reflects your business in both animated Flash and HTML formats. With unique design we enhance your customers recollection of your website and brand.

We approach every website design project with an open mind, looking for novel solutions to your brief.

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logo design & corporate identity
website design
signage and architectural graphic design

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SGI Architectural
Architectural building facades including Alpolic, Moeding, Prodema, Swisspearl, and architectural glass

Alpolic australia
The Allergy Shop - e-commerce website
The Allergy Shop specialises in selling products and clothes for people with skin allergies.

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Dentists@Pymble - HTML website
Dentists@Pymble required a website to display their experienced and talented team as well as their extensive range of dental services.

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Craig Spencer Design
Craig Spencer Design - HTML + Flash website design
Craig Spencer Design required a 80+ page portfolio that would be expandable, easy to navigate, and stylish (in keeping with the quality of his work). Lick Graphics designed and constructed the website which features large images, easy navigation aswell as occasional flash touches.

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Foxwood Real Estate
Foxwood Real Estate - Flash website design
Designed to compliment the high-end properties that Foxwood sells, this website is designed in full screen Flash format. This website was developed in conjunction with Delivery Creative.

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Mr Rose
Mr Rose - Flash/HTML/E-commerce website design
Mr Rose is a boutique womens fashion label and when they required a website design they turned to Lick Graphics to create the Mr Rose experience online. Working with Acid Green, Lick designed the online shop, the flash intro as well as the other sections which help create the Mr Rose experience.

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Filetto Filetti
Filetto Filetti - Flash website design
This newly founded fashion distribution company required an impressive website that would help generate interest from their targeted customers and encourage them to build a working relationship with them. This website was developed in conjunction with Cilla De Nadai design.

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Mima - Flash website design
Interior design firm Mima Design, asked Lick to upgrade their website to have achieve a more professional and cutting edge image. The full screen, Flash website has a simple but unique navigation and design.

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Felicia Yong
Felicia Yong - HTML website design
Hair and makeup specialist Felicia Yong needed a website to display her work and Lick Graphics was pleased to design and develop her online portfolio. The website gallery features her hair and makeup work and the bio and CV add credability.

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Margaritaville - animated Flash website design 
This site showcases a stunning Byron Bay residence that is for sale. The full screen Flash design accentuates the high quality imagery  of the property to immerse the viewer in the home. This site was developed in conjunction with Delivery Creative. 

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Devotions cleaning website
Devotions Cleaning Services - HTML website design
Devotions Cleaning Services offers a wide range of cleaning services all across Sydney. This website showcases their services and testimonials.

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Tar 10 website design
Tar10 - HTML website design
Tar10 is a company that focuses on making quality preserves and accessories. Tar10 homemade treats are made with loving care... enjoy!

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iFit Bondi - HTML website design
This website was designed to publicise the personal training services of iFit and the new gym facilities built at Bondi.

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Bardon Design
Bardon Design - Flash website design
Bardon Design offers design services to a select group of clients. This site is designed as a teaser for new clients to boost credibility without showing any of their confidential work.

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Mates Race
Mates Race - HTML website design
Mates Race is set to be the biggest fundraiser ever: 6 teams have 28 days to race around Australia - with no money! Lick Graphics designed and constructed the website which features a simple content management system so the teams can update as they go.

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Rhino Demolition
Rhino Demolition - HTML website design
Building on the strong brand identity developed for this client, the Rhino Demotion website acts as an important information source for potential customers to learn about their services.

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iClinix website design
iClinix - HTML website design
As part of an upgrade to their visual identity, this website was designed with a clean medical and technical feel to reflect this companies software systems developed for the health industry.

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La Grillade - HTML and Flash website design
The famous La Grillade restaurant in Crows Nest, Sydney required a website that communicated the experience you will have when you visit. Known as one of the best steak restaurants in Sydney, the brief was to show quality, warmth and uniqueness. Flash elements were used to embellish the classic look.

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360innovation - Flash Website Design
360innovation advises organisations on how they can develop their internal culture to maximise productivity. The webste is based on the 360iSight model and graphically reinforces the companies slogan "turning things around".

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Prosper Group
Prosper Group - HTML website design
Having previously designed Prosper Group's corporate identity Lick was chosen design their online communications. The site features a Flash introduction banner, and an email form for newsletter subscriptions. Corporate and professional in appearance the website constatly reinforces their service offering.

01 02 03 Prosper Group - Buyer Agents
Bottom Line
Bottom Line - HTML + Flash animation
Specialising in the dance industry, Bottom Line Accounting has a fresh perspective and a modern approach in providing clarity and understanding on all accountancy, bookkeeping and periodic reporting matters.
The design of the website is bold, simple and effective.

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Gansevoort Designs
Gansevoort Designs - HTML + Flash website design
Design of full screen animated flash website. This project included developing the logo and identity for Gansevoort Designs, then creating a website that would showcase her floral designs in a style suited to her brand personality.

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Montgomery Homes
Montgomery Homes - Flash website design
Lick Graphics was commisioned to design an exciting flash website site featuring Montgomery Homes' award winning homes. The site features animated banners, a gallery section, 16 designs, animated intro, promotions and a contact form for potential clients to make contact with the staff at Montgomery Homes.

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North Shore Gym
North Shore Gym - Flash/HTML website design
North Shore Gym commisioned Lick Graphics to design and build a unique website that promoted their ethos, "North Shore Gym - where fitness is for everybody". An animated Flash header that respond to the user help bring excitment to this website.

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North Shore Gym Update
North Shore Gym Upgrade - Flash/HTML website design
To communicate aspects of the gym's expansion to the members of North Shore Gym as well as the interested public, we created a website with interactive 3D floorplans and perspectives that allow users to navigate through the new gym.

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Restaurant Sojourn - Animated Flash Website Design.
Working closely with Mark Reynolds design Lick developed this Flash website for award winning Restaurant Sojourn. Using a passport with turning pages, emphasises the travelling concept referenced in the name.

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Baie Residneces - animated Flash website design
The Baie Residences website is all designed with Flash and features interactive animated features to enhance the users experience. This site was developed in conjunction with Delivery Creative.

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This website positions as a bathroom renovator tha is capable of stylish design schemes.

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GFS Platigo
GFS Platigo - HTML Website Design
The condition of phimosis is one that sufferers prefer to keep discreet. This website and identity is designed to look clean, refined and understated in its branding. This e-commerce website uses a Pay Pal payment gateway and is built with in six different languages, making the product accessible to the global market.

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AGI uk
AGI UK - HTML website design
Following the logo and identity design project, Lick Graphics created this HTML corporate website for AGI UK's Wimbledon tender bid. The website is designed and built to accomodate future expansion.
Lick Graphics managed domain name registration, hosting and email account administration.

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Boji - single-page HTML + Flash website design

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Publisher Textiles - HTML website design
Lick Graphics developed a website that was easy to use and reflected their passion for design. This website has a gallery of designs, a profile section aswell as a section for press and media regarding Publisher Textiles.

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Retail Vision
Retail Vision - single-page HTML + Flash website design
Lick Graphics designed and constructed this one page website with menu to give Retail Vision an informative online presence quickly and inexpensively. This site features a Flash banner promoting Retail Vision's key selling points.

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Miradorliving - animated Flash website design 
Mirador Living is a website developed to market a land release on the South Coast of NSW. This site was developed in conjunction with Delivery Creative. 

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Latitude 35 - animated Flash website design 
This website was developed to market a residential property development in Wollongong NSW. This site was developed in conjunction with Delivery Creative. 

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Placanica - html holding page 
A holding page for the Placanica website which is under construction

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Ivory Apartments - html website 
New website for Ivory Apartments

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The Chiropractic Clinic - html website 
HTML website for The Chiropractic Clinic.

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Jamiesons Corporate Services - Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation for Jamiesons existing website

Jamiesons Business Brokers Sydney